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This installation was by commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces for Kensington Palace’s Christmas season ‘Victoria’s Christmas’. It brings to life passages from the diaries of Queen Victoria using layered illustrations housed in giant light-boxes. The illustration is plain white but the light passing through different layers and negative spaces adds depth and texture; giving an effect somewhere between a paper cut diorama and shadow puppet play. The project was a collaboration between Owl’n’Wolf, CQ Lighting, Ellie Williams and Ed Martin.

Photos courtesy of Historic Royal Palaces © 2016.


The centrepiece of the installation is two 3m high light-boxes. These scenes depict a diary entry from 1840 in which Victoria describes her first outing onto the ice with Albert.




Alongside the light-box scenes there is also an arch celebrating the relationship between Victoria and Albert. The arch creates the impression of a snow covered arbour woven with seasonal foliage.



Existing features within the space were also decorated with illustrations