We’ve been working up at the Makernow fablab creating a set of magnetic woodblocks for letterpress printing. Our goal is to make a set of art/design tools that can be quickly and cleanly arranged and rearranged to make compositions and layouts on the press. The shapes are laser cut from plywood and backed with magnetic shims. The base plate is a dismantled magnetic whiteboard. So far we have a set of tessellating triangles and a bespoke monospaced font called Lister Serif. The design files are open source so if you fancied having a go at making your own kit you can download them here.

Here’s a few samples of poster designs and more abstract pieces.





The wood is a birch faced ply, we were really pleased with the lovely grain texture it leaves on the prints.



The typeface was designed to fit the measurements of the triangles so they are interchangeable. We hope to add a sans-serif font, some circles, lines and other shapes to the kit in the near future.



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  1. Hi Lauren

    At the moment Lister Serif doesn’t exist as a digital typeface only in wood block form. However the original vector files we created for the laster cutting are open source so you can download them here http://www.makernow.co.uk/node/74 You are more than welcome to use it in your artwork or even to make you own woodblock alphabet. We’d love to see the results.

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