Seeds, Soup & Sarnies is a project working with post industrial communities in the UK to encourage improved diet, community resilience and environment through food. The project provides workshops, events and courses that give people from some of the countries most deprived areas the skills and resources required to grow, cook and share their own produce.

For me the aesthetic of the whole project needed to incorporate two factors. Firstly it had to be human; it should be more village fete than NHS health campaign. It had to feel like it was hand made and easy to replicate at home; felt tip pens were order of the day! Secondly it had to be fun. Yes, you can improve your health and well-being by growing and eating your own veg, but the best bit is that it’s really good fun. There really is nothing quite like growing something from scratch, kids love it, you can have some friendly rivalry with your neighbours, and best of all you get a really tasty sandwich at the end of it.

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